5 Things We Can’t Delay Doing

Taken during the Los Angeles Women’s March.

Politicians, and their supporters, often, discuss/ argue, positions/ stands, as if, many of them, are equally important, for the state, and world. While there are many needs, priorities, etc, some could also be more urgent, in terms of the potential ramifications, of delaying or procrastinating. Sometimes, those with wonderful ideals, achieve little necessarily, and/ or, consequence, because they will not consider realities, and getting things done! we’d like to elect individuals, with pragmatic idealism, which suggests, provide solutions, rather than simply, blaming and complaining. it is vital to understand, different people, have different perspectives, and, thus, the simplest approach is usually, seeking footing, for the greater good, and developing, creating, a viable, meeting – of – the – minds! While there are many others, this text will plan to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 things we will not afford to delay, or else, we’ll lose!

1. Climate Change:

Regardless of what deniers, proclaim, the overwhelming majority of scientists, and scientific data, clearly, indicate, global climate change, is, not only real but, also a virtual, time – bomb! It seems this issue is sort of a ticking – bomb, and, every moment, we delay, has the potential to bring – on, catastrophe, sooner! it’ll take a well-considered, nearly – universally acceptable, agreement, to urge all, to hitch in, and take measures, which can hamper these effects, etc! Unfortunately, the present, us President Donald Trump, articulates a global climate change – denial, message, and, this nation, has removed ourselves from the Paris Accords, and, stated minimum measures, etc, which the remainder of the planet has accepted, and joined.

2. Environmental protection:

For decades/ generations, American leaders have come to understand, how important, protecting the environment, is, to the way forward for the planet, and future generations! Clean air and water, are a priority, as has, addressing unsafe chemicals, and other behaviors. However, we’ve recently, witnessed, President Trump, sign an Executive Order, significantly, relaxing dumping regulations, and other rules. Isn’t it our obligation, to future generations, to go away them, a safe, healthy world, etc?

3. Constitutional guarantees, and Courts/ Justice system:

For decades, our Courts are mainline, of defense, against overreaches by governments, and certain groups. the main target has been, to guard all the guarantees, granted by the Constitution. We have, within the past 3 years, witnessed, judges, deemed unqualified, approved, by the Senate, under the direction of Senate legislator Mitch McConnell. The President has articulated, a message, which many feels, appeals to limiting many of those protections, which we’ve come, to take, without any consideration.

4. Civility:

Few would claim, the extent of civility, and customary courtesy, within out country, by many of its people, and much too many leaders, has gone downhill! Isn’t that counter – to, the main target of democracy?

5. Make America Sane Again:

While Trump’s slogan is, Make America Great Again, rather than going, back – to – the – good, old days, wouldn’t we benefit, if the atmosphere, was calmer, and saner, and looked, towards the simplest approach, during a relevant, and sustainable way?

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